Outlook 2016 – Contacting the server for information

Outlook 2016 – Contacting the server for information

When you receive this error especially upon previewing emails or opening emails, it usually hints at a broken image link.

Outlook connecting to server

How to fix

Move offending email to Junk email folder

  • Move the particular email to junk before previewing it. Moving an email to the junk folder will automatically convert the email to text, removing the images

Force all emails to be viewed in plain text

Notify the sender that they have a broken image link

  • The last option would be to wait for the sender to fix this email by notifying them that their email has broken links. This error message is most likely popping up for anyone receiving email, especially if the broken link is an image part of their signature.

Documents from Google Drive

  • Sometimes when you receive a link for a document in Google Drive, the images will also not show up because you are not authenticated with Google Drive. Once you log in through Internet Explorer, those images should show up.